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Design Ideas for your Lórien Stationery


All stationery is bespoke, made using good quality card, paper & envelopes and with a unique design based on a theme chosen by you, so your stationery will be just what you want and ...      

But perhaps you only need us to do the printing as you want to design it yourself ...

        or maybe you only need the seating plan done in keeping with the rest of your stationery ...

                we will do whatever you need, and whatever quantity – no amount too small!  

So by deciding to book a free consultation with us you know that when doing your stationery Lórien will provide you with a reliable, professional 

& quality service at a fair price and for any kind of ceremony ...

                - traditional marriages

                                    - single sex partnerships

                                                          - other civil or humanist ceremonies

In the meantime you can be thinking about what you want so first a few HINTS & TIPS ...

Lorien - uniquely designed in a classic style

Invitations are traditionally sent from whoever is hosting the day, and generally speaking the more formal the ceremony the more classic style your invitations should be.  Any wedding invitation designed by Lórien should suit this type of occasion perfectly.


If you are not happy with your handwriting, or you just want to save time, Lórien can print the wedding invitations

then also enter the guests names for you.

  names hand written or entered by Lorien using your chosen font


These can either be handwritten, or typed using a stylish font of your choice.

But if you are going to do them yourself order a few spares in case you make mistakes.


If you are having a wedding or civil ceremony at a busy time of year then you could ask  Lórien to send out a Save-the-Date card so your guests will make sure that they keep your date free.

send these Lorien designed cards so all guests can Save the Date!


Lórien will send you proofs of all your wedding stationery - from invitations to place cards - so you can make absolutely sure you are happy with the wording & design.  And don't forget the RSVP date so you know who is coming!

So what about the theme?  Maybe you want something quite traditional - click on roses, hearts, bells and other for wedding motifs.  These can either be incorporated as they are into a design unique to your stationery, or we can create a completely original motif based around your chosen theme.  

But you may have decided on your theme already or you might want something completely different, like your favourite pet or animal, season of the year, piece of music ... you choose what you want and Lórien will do the rest!

You may have seen the samples of card, paper & envelopes when you have come to a wedding fayre, or received a swatch in the post afterwards.  Once you have decided on the materials most suited to your theme then you can pick your font, or fonts, from a range of different styles:

Arial Baskerville Blackadder
Bradley Hand Broadway Brush Script
Century Gothic Edwardian Forte
French Script Gaelic Gigi
Harlow Harrington L Calligraphy
L Handwriting Lucida Sans Matura
Monotype Corsiva Old English Papyrus
Tempus Sans Verdana Viner Hand

Click on fonts to see these in italic, bold & capitals.  We suggest you choose one that is easy to read - perhaps not in italics or script - then guests can sing the hymns – for some that’s the best part!   

But you can always have one that is more ornate for your headings.   


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