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Why use us?

Lórien Business Services exists primarily to provide a service to other small businesses, sole traders & 

individuals who don't need 1000's, just 100's or even less.  So we don't try to compete against high street 

printers and we are more than happy to produce smaller quantities, in fact ...

... no amount too small!



So when might you choose us?  Here are just a few ideas: 

- Business Cards & Other Stationery

- Customised Promotional Keyfobs                                                

- Professional CVs

- Personal Business Stationery


Please see below for more details and if you have another idea where we might be able to help, just ask!


Business Cards & Other Stationery 

You are moving premises shortly so you don't need your usual order, but still need some of your current business cards before you go. We can match the artwork then just do a few for you 

to tide you over, say 50 or 100 - whatever you need!

Or maybe you want a few flyers to promote 

a new offer or service.  No problem!

Or the firm's having a black tie dinner do and 

they need some stylish invites to reflect the event.  

For us that kind of print job is just the ticket! 




Customised Promotional Keyfobs


You are doing a mailshot to promote a new idea, product or service and want to give out an inexpensive freebie.  A personalised keyfob with your company logo on one side & contact details on the other could be just right.  



Professional CVs

We specialise in being able to respond quickly to urgent CV requests, 

providing sound advice in presenting the right CV for the right job. 

CVs can be provided as a hard copy, via e-mail or disc/memory stick.

Extra services include preparation of a covering letter, 

and preparing a portfolio should it be required.

This service is available to any individual looking for employment, such as:

 students looking for their first job

  anyone wanting a new career direction, maybe through 

being made redundant, or they simply need a change

  current employees aiming for promotion

and we pride ourselves on being 

prompt & reliable ; fast & efficient


Personal Business Stationery

Do you send your customers Christmas or Easter Cards, 

or if you haven't thought about this before would you like to?  

We can design & print your gift cards, either using one of our designs, 

or providing one based on a theme of your choosing

- if you want you can provide the artwork and we'll do the rest.

But we also do a number of other personal stationery items, 

from Commissioned Gift Cards to Party Invites.

Are you a Killer Sudoku nut?  If so, we have a booklet with all the 

possible mathematical combinations to help you solve every puzzle!

And are you always forgetting something when you go out shopping?  

There’s a helpful list on the back of our shopping pad so you shouldn’t 

forget anything ever again!

So you might find us useful at home as well as work!



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